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Funny Bone Surgery - a simulation game for girls where you’ll meet the famous Dr. Bones, his assistant Nurse Joy and beautiful patients at Countryside Hospital. Your goal is to help them look their best and you have to check their appearance before they can go home. After all, appearances do matter! This game offers many fun mini games, so there will always be something new to keep you coming back again and again. Help take care of this hospital by checking their appearance, dressing them up, fixing hair accessories and choosing hairstyles that suit them best - all under the watchful eye of Dr. Bones! This game will not only improve your observation skills but also help you hone your creativity as you draw things like make-up to match patients perfectly. As an added bonus, this game is also educational because it teaches little kids about makeup, dressing up people properly and having manners at the same time! So how fast are you? Let’s get started with This amazing game.

Funny bone surgery is a cool game for girls and boys. In this game, you will be playing the role of a doctor. You have to operate on the patient’s funny bone with your tools accurately and quickly. Look at the tool tips when you are using each tool so that you don’t make any mistake while operating on the patient’s funny bone. A broken funny bone can bring lots of problems in a person’s life. It can cause pain, screaming and crying in a person whenever it happens. But if you treat that broken bone properly then it won’t bring many problems to your life anymore. And that is why this game has been created for you, so that you can play it as much as possible and learn how to fix those funny bones

Do you want to be a doctor? If the answer is yes, then you should check this app. You will learn all about being a doctor. In this app, you will play different games that are related to surgery and medicine. These games will make you understand things at a deeper level and they will also help you out in case of any circumstances.

This game is a Simulation game for girls. In this funny game you will play as a doctor who has to operate on some funny bones in the patients. You and your 3 friends will have to work together and solve some difficulties you have to face.


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Using Mouse

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