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Diggy ! This platform adventure game from developer Lucy Lovell will keep you on your toes. The main character is a little green bug named This one. This one is one of numerous little creatures known as Diggies. When there’s trouble in the Realm of the Diggies, all the Diggies head back to their home base. But the Diggies have built a new home as well, and it’s not friendly to intruders. The player must help the Diggies return to their home, the Kingdom of the Diggies. When they aren’t digging through layers of dirt in search of buried treasures, the Diggies spend their time exploring the Realm of the Diggies. They must find the right magical places to help them return home safely. It’s a dangerous world out there, so players must be on their toes. Players will have to use logic and skill to solve puzzles and avoid traps. Use your mouse, keyboard, or touch screen to follow the in-game instructions, explore the Realm of the Diggies, and help the Diggies return

In this game you play as This game, a little green creature that loves to explore. Today, he has an exciting day ahead of him! In this game you play as Diggy, a little green creature that loves to explore. Today, he has an exciting day ahead of him! It is his first day at school, and he is excited to make new friends! Today is going to be a great day! This is a game about exploration and survival in a randomly generated world. The game will challenge you to search for resources to build the shelter you need to survive the night, as well as stay safe from the dangerous predators that roam the land. You will dig for resources, build a shelter, explore, fight monsters, and explore caves. There are many secrets to uncover in this game as well, so explore every nook and cranny! You can play the game by typing in commands into the terminal. Here is a list of the commands you can use. 

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Using Mouse

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