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Color Tunnel, you don’t just slide blocks down a track. Instead, you control a ball that rolls down a winding path and collects other balls along the way. It gets increasingly challenging as you advance through the levels, requiring quick thinking and sharp reflexes to make it to the bottom! Why is it so addictive? Because there’s an element of chance in your favor. You can choose which ball you want to guide. Will it be red, yellow or green? And these colors have various properties: red balls slow down while green roll faster, for example. Your strategy evolves with each level as well. New balls with new properties appear every time you advance through the game.

This one is a color-blinking game. Your aim is to guide the little ball through the tunnel as fast as possible, collecting all of the green dots along the way. Colors will change from blue to green at regular intervals and your goal will be to keep pace with the changing colors. The faster you are able to react, the more points you earn. To aid your timing, there are also blinks along the tunnel that flash different colors every second or third second. There are 3 levels to complete, each with increasing difficulty levels: Green Tunnels, Blue Tunnels and Yellow Tunnels. Good luck!

This game is a Color Sliding Puzzle Game. In this game You have to slide colored balls from one end of the tunnel to other end of the tunnel. A straight pathway will help you in sliding balls at the same time without any interruption. This game has more than 1000 levels and it is always increasing. It has more than 20 different themes like Parks, Zoo, Candy Shop and many more. And each theme has more than 10 different types of colors with their own characteristics! So this game keeps you engaged for hours together! Aim: To slide the colored balls from one end of the tunnel to other end of the Tunnel in minimum possible

This amazing game is a new addictive game for Android, Anyone who plays games knows that some games are more difficult than others. Well, Color Tunnel is not your typical game. In this game you need to slide the blocks of the color of the same simultaneously. If you do not manage to move all of the blocks belonging to one color, they will be removed from play and it will be difficult to pass later stages. It may sound easy but in practice it is much more difficult than it sounds because: The speed of movement increases as the level progresses; You will have less and less time to solve each level; There are no in-app purchases or advertising and therefore no way to increase your virtual

Do you like to play games? If you do then you will love the This amazing game. This is an amazing 3D arcade game that has lots of fun. It’s a challenging game which will have your fingers working hard to keep playing. There are many levels and every time you complete one level it unlocks another one. It gets harder as you go on but if you stay determined and keep trying, eventually you will be able to beat them. You’ll need to use all your reflexes, strategy and attention to detail as you race through the This game from side-to-side, dodging all the moving obstacles along the way.

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Using Mouse

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